Fancy a three way….

As I was saying in my last post this is the first message I received that I have never forgotten and I still remember the wording, it was a professionally written message and the content not only shocked me but I hadn’t  laughed so much in ages. So here it was:

I hope this message doesn’t offend you first and foremost.

Good evening, My name is Colin and I am a successful Architect now retired. My partner Alex too is a successful business man. We live in an idyllic cottage in the New Forest and we can provide photographs on request, it really beautiful and the setting very relaxing. We realise you are a lot younger than us but hopefully this wont be an issue, after all they say experience is everything.

We are looking for a lady like yourself to come and spend the weekend here with us. We can guarantee you the time of your life. We are both keen cooks and we will wait on you hand and foot, you wont have to do a thing. We will treat you like a princess and we are both experts in massage. We can guarantee a restful weekend full of surprises and you will leave happy. We have a fantastic wine selection too if that is your preference.

We love your look and I hope you consider our genuine offer. Like I said we can send over photographs of where you will be staying, you will have your own bedroom.

I stopped, stared at the message again and then sat there with what was probably an open mouthed face…

What do I reply to that….




Dishy Dave :-)

Back to Dave, I am going to name him Dishy Dave as he was! Dave was still on the back burner and I still knew that he was probably a total player but didn’t care as it wasn’t affecting me actually fair play to him as why not when you are hot, free and single!

Anyway Dave started sending pictures, at first they were very posy pictures which were very pleasing to the eye if honest, pictures of him in shorts and NO top!!! What woman wouldn’t find this attractive…right? I flirted with him of course , but then obviously he wanted me to reciprocate.. arghhh I thought, no way not pictures! Plus my phone had the crappiest camera ever so I would need to get my digital camera out and faff around uploading etc, so I palmed him off BUT I knew it was going to come back to haunt me so in the meantime I tried to lose a bit of the flirty chat.

I have to get ready for my next date with photographer guy anyway so at this point this was a more viable option!

I was till cruising along online and so was photographer and I was cool about this after all this wasn’t an exclusive thing. I logged on to my dating account and I received a message from an older guy that I will never forget, I still to this day remember it down to a T…

First date guy 

So I’ve now heard from my date! He has asked to see me the weekend and as I probably said before he is a photographer for the media, however, he wants to go to the new forset so he can take photos of scenery and me 🤔 not sure I am loving this idea if honest!

After thought I decline the photography session but agree to see him in the evening and this time it’s dinner! Now, I think like most girls going out for dinner can be daunting! For one I am quite fussy when eating and two what if I sit there with something stuck in my teeth and no one tells me! Something black! Anyway this is something I have to do, plus to have a meal cooked for me is always a bonus in my eyes 👀

So Saturday night it is and in the mean time I am still chatting online to several guys, and still shocked at the usual dodgy messages and the next message I received always sticks in my mind and I still laugh to this day about it! 

Dave is now sending pictures…… not the scenery type!

To be continued…


So it was date night last night which went well but in the mean time I had arranged a Skype call with Dave and tonight was the night. 

I’d never chatted to anyone by video and obviously I wanted to look good like most women do, so I better get myself looking presentable I thought. I threw some make up on and got comfy.

There I was chilling on the sofa waiting for it. He was a bit vague about the time which doesn’t work well for me as I like to have a plan! 

2100hrs and here it was, this strange noise coming through the laptop and a button for me to accept! Here goes!!

Boom there he was on my screen how funny 😀😀. So, he looked like the pictures which was a bonus, however the background looked a bit strange, not what I expected from a young guy, it was almost like an older persons house. So we chatted for a bit and I could feel myself getting embarrassed about it if honest, it felt weird. Do you look at the camera, do you look at him and then you can’t see what you look like.. anyway just as we were talking he said ” sorry about the timings it’s just that I have to wait for my parents to be out the house”. His parents!!!!

 I guess I am being a bit harsh as not everyone lives away from home but it just seemed weird!!! So then he said he would call again when he had another parent free moment as there was only one computer in the house. I did laugh to myself but didn’t say no either, not sure why as I’d probably never meet him.

That was the first encounter with Dave and things got more interesting as it went on.

Date night continued

Here I was pulling into the car park looking around me quite sheepish and wondering now whether I kiss him when we meet, obviously just on the cheek but is that the correct greeting…not sure hand shaking is the done thing.

As I stepped out the car I saw him walking to the front door!!! Right I thought, let’s do this so on I went! I quickly sorted my hair and walked through the door. 

There he was stood at the bar, tall I could tell and then he turned and saw me and walked right over and kissed me on the cheek, that was that little situation dealt with. In first impressions he looked nice and true to the pictures so this was a great start! 

We sat down with a drink and chatted a fair bit, luckily I am quite chatty and find that part easy which is in my favour. He was trying to find out which office I worked in but I wasn’t ready to divulge that incase he came to pay me a visit! 

After 2 hours we parted and went out seperate ways. I had a nice evening and I think he did too.

 What now I thought?