Time to start over?

So after my few attempts to find what I would call normal guy meets normal girl has drastically failed but it’s really early days and I will not be defeated yet!

I sat and thought about what it was I was looking for.. I’d not long been out of a long term relationship and I have a young child that I want to keep totally private from my personal life so for now I think the odd date and sometimes someone to cosy up with is fine for now.

Back to my mission…

Ok, here I was looking through my messages and then looking through the pictures. Now I know my pictures are me but I really am starting to question wether these guys photos are genuine.

I replied to a few messages and thought I’d stay open minded for now, and I now starting to chat with someone that lives about 20 miles from me which is fine, at least there’s no chance of him turning up at my office and his chat seems genuine. Only one stumbling block so far..he doesn’t drive. His pictures are not very clear but he seems nice. He works in a cosmetics factory mixing products. 1 child but doesn’t see very often and he also looks after special needs young adults in his spare time.. all in all seems a nice guy….


2 thoughts on “Time to start over?

  1. smartfish70 says:

    I’m always dubious of not very clear pictures! I went on a date a couple of months ago, and turns out he was about 15 years older than the not very clear photos he’d had online. Grrrrr. He was really nice etc… but I felt a bit like I’d been deceived because he looked quite different. Maybe I’m just shallow :p


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