Let’s ditch the next one..

Now to get rid of the next one that clearly is another guy that just messes about and wants me to live out his school teacher fantasy all because I wear glasses!

This is going to be a quick text as I’ve not met him and he’s probably the biggest player Wales have ever seen so I doubt he will even worry about it!

Here goes: Hi Dave just to let you know I am not really thinking this is going anywhere so I wish you luck with your course and everything else. S x


4 hours pass and just as I am getting into bed I get a series of texts from him:

Oh babe I really think your making a mistake here. Let me show you why…

And then here come a series of photos, ones that look like he is in some casting for 50 shades of grey! Pictures of him in nothing but a tie, ones of his flexing his torso and so on. I think you can imagine the rest!

I did have to hand it to the guy, he did look very nice and sexy but this could go on for months and I just don’t have the effort so I’ll just keep them and move on.

Now for the gay couple.


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