Here goes the first one.. 

So after date guy came down to my office to totally insult me I am now going to tell him I don’t want to see him again. I’ve briefed my work colleagues in case he decides to rock up again at the office. I decided to tell him over the phone even though I wanted to cowardly do it on the dating app I just thought better to just say it.

It went like this… 

Me: Hi, I think it’s best we don’t see each other again… 

Him: why?

Me: I just feel that you want too much from me, pushing me to see you and coming to my office to which I’d asked you not to. Also I felt you were rude to me about the conquest calendar! 

Him: Well I think you’re being stupid.. I also am annoyed that you continued using the dating site whilst we were chatting. I was ready to delete mine but you clearly want to sleep your way through all the guys on there..

Me: again another assumption and I  now sensing you’re actually a bit of a moody guy, which also makes me feel uncomfortable!

Him: Well actually Sharon I was going to end it anyway as I think I deserve better so I don’t care and have another date lined up tonight. So bye.

I can’t believe him! He was rude and pushy yet it’s my fault?! I didn’t come off the dating site purely because we weren’t in a relationship and HE WAS STILL ON IT. What’s the difference here?!

Anyway it’s done and was quite easy so that’s one down! No onto Dave.. 


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