2 guys, 1 girl and the ultimate in giggles

So… finally I got to the bottom of what exactly the guys from the cosy cottage wanted with me… part of me knew already but I had to see it with my own eyes…

So a quick recap:


Dear red24, thank you for replying as we rarely get replies so surely you must be a little bit curious, even though you said no. With that said I’d like to tempt you further I’d like to propose the following :

I can arrange a car to collect you saving you the trouble of driving and you could have some champagne on route?

When you arrive we will have a candle lit bath waiting for you with some more champagne and nibbles

We will lay out some new bath towels and a robe in your own bedroom like we said

There you can get dressed in whatever you prefer, a dress would be lovely though 😉 whilst we prepare a lovely cooked meal for you in our homely kitchen

To which I replied that it all sounds appealing but what comes next?


Evening red24, thank you for replying again, my partner are getting more excited about the possibility of meeting with you for a weekend of pure pleasure for all parties.

As we said before, to fully appreciate the beauty of where we live we would like to send you some pictures of where you would be spending your time, where possible this could be done via email?

When you are relaxed and we’ve all had a marvellous dinner with intelligent conversation with lots of flirting we will then move on to the fun part.

I just couldn’t read on I was too nervous!

These were 2 guys in their 50s/60s that were wanting to live out fantasies with me! Did they even know I was just a normal girl that spent most of my time working and doing housework, however, I did read on…..


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