Date guy..

Date guy is becoming quite pushy.. I don’t like pushy so here’s what was happening! 

He had now decided he finds it unacceptable I am still visible on my profile but we’ve only had one date?? He is also still banging on about the fact I won’t tell him where I work πŸ™„ and what happened next is the reason I didn’t tell him! 

I was happily sat in my office one day just cracking on with work then bam he appears!!! Now I worked in a large place that I could have easily remained private but he’s been doing his research!!!

So here he is in the doorway of my office.. in he comes and we engage in chit chat.. after all I couldn’t be rude, but I did ask how he found me to which he replied ” oh I was just down this way and I heard you ” hmmm I don’t think so!!! 

Then here comes the best bit. Behind my desk was a wall planner, you know the type where you can place magnets over certain dates for different plans, holidays, courses etc. 

So I have to ask you, is that planner on your wall your dating planner or your conquest planner of all the guys you’re chatting to or have slept with this year? 

I was flabbergasted, did he actually just say that?! Yes he did. Talk about rude. I’ve been on one date with this man and just because I haven’t been throwing myself at him obviously in his mind I am at it with all these other men or so he’s thinking. 


I couldn’t think of a witty answer which was also annoying! 

I can’t be doing with this I thought to myself. I’ll be polite then delete delete delete. Couldn’t believe the cheek of him! 


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