Dirty Dave!

Dave is still floating around in the background but I have to say he’s starting to annoy me a little. He wants to webcam and it has to be times his parents are out which is just ridiculous in itself! Also the constant “dick pics” he sends are getting BORING!

I still to this day 7 years on do not understand why men think it’s exciting for us women to get these pics. I would so rather get a picture of a new bag, shoes or lipstick… am I right girls..??

Anyway, I thought I’d bring up the whole meeting situation, after all it’s starting to seem pointless and I may as well meet him, he is super HOT after all! 

Me : Hey Dave, how do you fancy meeting up soon? X

Him: Hey sexy, I’ve been thinking this very same thing lately and I was thinking this….

Because of the distance I was thinking of a hotel in maybe Bristol. And I also thought what we could do is pretend we are there for a business meeting. I’d really like you to dress like a sexy secretary as you’d defo pull that off with your glasses. I was thinking you could wear a pencil skirt, tight white blouse with some cleavage showing, stockings, heels, red lipstick and hair up. 

What do you think? 

Really!!!!! He’s obviously given this more thought than I’d realised. I didn’t  know what to think really.. 🤔


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