The three way continued…

So a recap from last message….

Dear red24, thank you for replying as we rarely get replies so surely you must be a little bit curious, even though you said no. With that said I’d like to tempt you further I’d like to propose the following : 

I can arrange a car to collect you saving you the trouble of driving and you could have some champagne on route

When you arrive we will have a candle lit bath waiting for you with some more champagne and nibbles 

We will lay out some new bath towels and a robe in your own bedroom like we said
There you can get dressed in whatever you prefer, a dress would be lovely though 😉 whilst we prepare a lovely cooked meal for you in our homely kitchen 

So here I was wanting to be polite as after all it wasn’t anything horrid they were asking me to do it just wasn’t my thing.  And actually, if it was someone I’d been dating for a while, what they were proposing was actually rather nice! Someone pick me up, run me a bath with champagne, nice bedroom, cooked dinner and drinks… very nice! However I don’t think that’s all they want but I am curious as to what they actually want.. 

So my reply.. 

Hey thanks for your message and what you are offering does sound very appealing but in all honesty what happens next after all the lovely dinner and drinks…


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