The next morning

So last nights date… how was I feeling about it today..? How did the evening end I hear you ask…

This morning I sit here in my lounge contemplating wether last night was as good as it seemed.. we had a good night albeit a little put out of by his pushiness at times and I can feel it becoming an issue about us both still being active on the internet dating site..not by me I’d like to add. I am actually quite chilled about this as after all, we are not in a relationship it’s only been 2 dates.

In comes a text ” hey you, had a great time last night, shall we do something this afternoon?” 

For anyone that knows me well knows that this is way too much for me, I like my space and I don’t want to go out with him again today but I am sensing if I say no he’s going to get shitty. On the other hand, I am not going to go just to please him. Also I don’t lie either so I am going straight in with my reply! 

” hi, thanks for a fun night but I think I am going to stay home and get a few things done, have a good day, S x”

What do you think he replied..??


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