Back to the guy couple

So I am still plodding on with my usual day to day business working and the usual home commitments and then after 830 pm is usually when I check in with my friends family and my online life that is currently going on.

As you may recall I had been invited to a cosy secluded cottage by two older guys saying they wanted to “treat me”. I had replied with a very polite no.

Anyway I thought that was it but here’s how the next conversation played out: 

Dear red24, thank you for replying as we rarely get replies so surely you must be a little bit curious, even though you said no. With that said I’d like to tempt you further I’d like to propose the following : 

I can arrange a car to collect you saving you the trouble of driving and you could have some champagne on route?

When you arrive we will have a candle lit bath waiting for you with some more champagne and nibbles 

We will lay out some new bath towels and a robe in your own bedroom like we said

There you can get dressed in whatever you prefer, a dress would be lovely though πŸ˜‰ whilst we prepare a lovely cooked meal for you in our homely kitchen 

How does that sound? We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Me… WOW!!! 


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