Dishy Dave!

Dishy Dave is sending pics now…

I woke up yesterday morning to a multi media message from him and OMG, put it this way, I didn’t even need to reach for my glasses…. there he was totally naked, his manhood stood to attention with him grabbing it in one hand and without sounding crude – it was HUGE! 

Now these days this might not come as a surprise as it seems men love to send so called dick pics and still to this day I really don’t get why! When will they learn that most women, or at least ones I know would probably rather see a picture of a dress, or shoes or I right ladies?

Anyway, after seeing this picture I didn’t know what to say, was good morning enough? He is obviously going to want me to say something about his manhood and so I had to think this through carefully! If I say oh yeah that’s a hot picture or wow give me more or something along those lines I am going to get a inundated with more and then he’s going to want ones of me 😱. 

Maybe I should ignore it? 

Ok so not wanting to encourage this too much I give a simple “WOW”, good morning. 

In the meantime I have replied to the retired architect and his boyfriend on the weekend cottage saga. “Hi and thanks for your message but if I am honest I am not really into spending the weekend with 2 total strangers but I wish you luck on here”.


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