Date Guy

Here it is my second date with Mr Big Photographer. I’ve been taunted all week from my work colleagues about having to sit for a risky photo shoot and to watch out for a large lens making an appearance!

So we are going for dinner tonight…. He has offered to pick me up but I am not really digging him knowing where I live really! I am getting the bus to town so I can enjoy a glass of Vino. I figure I should make more of an effort on the clothing front as its dinner so I have a skirt on and heels.

I jump on the bus and text my friends to let them know where I am if I need a getaway, this doesn’t mean I am being negative but you never know right…?

So here we are in the Thai place that I LOVE! Its a quaint little place and the lighting is soft which is always a bonus. Again he looks nice and the chat was going really well until a little bit of digging from him started to surface. Firstly hes upset I haven’t told him what office I work in and now hes a little bit narky about not letting him pick me up…! I tried to blow it off and ordered another wine!

We continue to have dinner and chat about his home in Wales etc, he lives here during the week and goes back to Wales on the weekends and then he invites me to go the next time I am free, a nice gesture I felt but maybe a bit soon…. my own personal thoughts is that I think a whole weekend is quite a lot of time after a couple of dates, then there is the whole bedroom/nakedness issue.

Its now getting late and he suggests going for a drink, I was already feeling a bit tipsy but thought what the hell. We go to a pub nearby and on the walk he swoops in for a kiss…!!! I was a bit surprised but also where he caught me unawares my glasses smacked him by the eye! Ooops I thought. So here we were kissing in the street – I felt like a teenager!

On to the pub an another drink and then he says “let me come back to yours tonight”


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