Fancy a three way….

As I was saying in my last post this is the first message I received that I have never forgotten and I still remember the wording, it was a professionally written message and the content not only shocked me but I hadn’t  laughed so much in ages. So here it was:

I hope this message doesn’t offend you first and foremost.

Good evening, My name is Colin and I am a successful Architect now retired. My partner Alex too is a successful business man. We live in an idyllic cottage in the New Forest and we can provide photographs on request, it really beautiful and the setting very relaxing. We realise you are a lot younger than us but hopefully this wont be an issue, after all they say experience is everything.

We are looking for a lady like yourself to come and spend the weekend here with us. We can guarantee you the time of your life. We are both keen cooks and we will wait on you hand and foot, you wont have to do a thing. We will treat you like a princess and we are both experts in massage. We can guarantee a restful weekend full of surprises and you will leave happy. We have a fantastic wine selection too if that is your preference.

We love your look and I hope you consider our genuine offer. Like I said we can send over photographs of where you will be staying, you will have your own bedroom.

I stopped, stared at the message again and then sat there with what was probably an open mouthed face…

What do I reply to that….





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