Dishy Dave :-)

Back to Dave, I am going to name him Dishy Dave as he was! Dave was still on the back burner and I still knew that he was probably a total player but didn’t care as it wasn’t affecting me actually fair play to him as why not when you are hot, free and single!

Anyway Dave started sending pictures, at first they were very posy pictures which were very pleasing to the eye if honest, pictures of him in shorts and NO top!!! What woman wouldn’t find this attractive…right? I flirted with him of course , but then obviously he wanted me to reciprocate.. arghhh I thought, no way not pictures! Plus my phone had the crappiest camera ever so I would need to get my digital camera out and faff around uploading etc, so I palmed him off BUT I knew it was going to come back to haunt me so in the meantime I tried to lose a bit of the flirty chat.

I have to get ready for my next date with photographer guy anyway so at this point this was a more viable option!

I was till cruising along online and so was photographer and I was cool about this after all this wasn’t an exclusive thing. I logged on to my dating account and I received a message from an older guy that I will never forget, I still to this day remember it down to a T…


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