First date guy 

So I’ve now heard from my date! He has asked to see me the weekend and as I probably said before he is a photographer for the media, however, he wants to go to the new forset so he can take photos of scenery and me 🤔 not sure I am loving this idea if honest!

After thought I decline the photography session but agree to see him in the evening and this time it’s dinner! Now, I think like most girls going out for dinner can be daunting! For one I am quite fussy when eating and two what if I sit there with something stuck in my teeth and no one tells me! Something black! Anyway this is something I have to do, plus to have a meal cooked for me is always a bonus in my eyes 👀

So Saturday night it is and in the mean time I am still chatting online to several guys, and still shocked at the usual dodgy messages and the next message I received always sticks in my mind and I still laugh to this day about it! 

Dave is now sending pictures…… not the scenery type!

To be continued…


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