So it was date night last night which went well but in the mean time I had arranged a Skype call with Dave and tonight was the night. 

I’d never chatted to anyone by video and obviously I wanted to look good like most women do, so I better get myself looking presentable I thought. I threw some make up on and got comfy.

There I was chilling on the sofa waiting for it. He was a bit vague about the time which doesn’t work well for me as I like to have a plan! 

2100hrs and here it was, this strange noise coming through the laptop and a button for me to accept! Here goes!!

Boom there he was on my screen how funny 😀😀. So, he looked like the pictures which was a bonus, however the background looked a bit strange, not what I expected from a young guy, it was almost like an older persons house. So we chatted for a bit and I could feel myself getting embarrassed about it if honest, it felt weird. Do you look at the camera, do you look at him and then you can’t see what you look like.. anyway just as we were talking he said ” sorry about the timings it’s just that I have to wait for my parents to be out the house”. His parents!!!!

 I guess I am being a bit harsh as not everyone lives away from home but it just seemed weird!!! So then he said he would call again when he had another parent free moment as there was only one computer in the house. I did laugh to myself but didn’t say no either, not sure why as I’d probably never meet him.

That was the first encounter with Dave and things got more interesting as it went on.


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