Date night continued

Here I was pulling into the car park looking around me quite sheepish and wondering now whether I kiss him when we meet, obviously just on the cheek but is that the correct greeting…not sure hand shaking is the done thing.

As I stepped out the car I saw him walking to the front door!!! Right I thought, let’s do this so on I went! I quickly sorted my hair and walked through the door. 

There he was stood at the bar, tall I could tell and then he turned and saw me and walked right over and kissed me on the cheek, that was that little situation dealt with. In first impressions he looked nice and true to the pictures so this was a great start! 

We sat down with a drink and chatted a fair bit, luckily I am quite chatty and find that part easy which is in my favour. He was trying to find out which office I worked in but I wasn’t ready to divulge that incase he came to pay me a visit! 

After 2 hours we parted and went out seperate ways. I had a nice evening and I think he did too.

 What now I thought? 


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