Introducing Dave

Here comes my first big eye opener in many ways, his name wasn’t Dave but that’s what I am using. 

So, Dave was drop dead gorgeous, he didn’t live near me in fact I think it was Cardiff. He was younger than me which is usually the case through out my dating years. He was 6 foot 4 extremely buff and a bit charming with it! A trainee physiotherapist and often offering massages 😂. I knew the reality of meeting was probably never going to happen but I went along with it because he was chatty and seemed fun. 

We’d been chatting a few days and he asked if we could Skype, now I didn’t even have a Skype account but my laptop did have a webcam so I thought why not! At least I could see what’s he’s like in the flesh. Off I went on my little mission to get an account set up! Exciting I thought! 

In the meantime I had to think about my first date which was now tomorrow night 😱. My first date in 15 years. Let’s hope it’s a good one 👍🏻


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