Online dating rules?

As I was saying yesterday what are the actual rules here for instance; 

You’ve arranged a date with someone you met on the dating site but this is not happening till next week. 

You log on to your account only to find he’s online! So some people think “what an arsehole, he’s online probably chatting to loads of girls” now this may or may not be the case, but either way it’s an assumption. YET the reason we know this because we are online too!! So is he looking and thinking the same? 


Is it that he’s waiting for you to log on so he can chat with you? This could be the case to but you may have swapped numbers already so if he wanted to surely he could text? 

It’s all a bit of a mind field this and then there is also another problem..

If you log out of your online dating site on a OC, it still shows you being online via the app!! I have spoke with guys and said bye, only to be accused 20 minutes as still being online 🙄

What do you think? 


3 thoughts on “Online dating rules?

  1. sex line stories says:

    I think until you’ve been on a few dates and decided maybe there might be something there. Its no ones business


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