Date quest day 3

Still on my quest to find Mr Right, I have become much stronger now at ignoring men and their strange sexual requests so now I am in a better mindset to weed out the hopeful’s!

I’ve managed to strike up a conversation with what looks like a nice normal man. Tall dark and worked as a media photographer which sounded interesting, the small detail I maybe should have considered at the time was that he worked where I did and sometimes that is too close for comfort. Anyway seeing as he was managing to hold a decent chat and not go straight in with the sexual comments and advances i was thinking BINGO!

So here we were chatting, he asked whereabouts on site I worked but I was not prepared to answer that just yet. The he actually asked me out for a drink!! I was getting somewhere I thought to myself.

The thing is, I am a bit of a traditionalist in the fact that I think the man should make these decisions so I left it with him. Maybe that’s a bit old fashioned but I like it that way.

Date was set for next Wednesday in the local village pub and we would meet at 8! OH MY I was nervous about this – first date for over 15 years, what do I wear, what do we talk about, what if he tries to kiss me and the big question WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE HIM..!!

Anyway, I had a few days to deal with my own dating demons so I said goodnight.

This brings me to my next dilemma, whats the etiquette for still being online scrolling and chatting if you’ve arranged a date! I have got myself in many an argument over this very question..

Curious to see your views on this, my friends also have views on this very subject!

Let me know how you deal with this?






2 thoughts on “Date quest day 3

  1. smartfish70 says:

    I also had my first date after 15 years just in August. I had the exact same questions as you! What if he kisses me!! Oh my God. He did. Was a bit weird. I was still making up my mind about him.


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