My Glasses….

I had to share this!! So throughout my dating journey I have always had comments about my glasses and how I have a secretary look! This has worn a bit thin because it’s been a constant comment. The fact is that I cannot see properly without them and they are not a fashion statement or to try and make me look intelligent. 

However, for those who have followed my site may have seen I decided to share a video of myself in an earlier post which I uploaded through YouTube. Well tonight I have had some activity on this and had to share it to prove that I attract strange men and this isn’t even from a dating site…

So there it was a comment about my sexy hands and some letters obviously meaning something but wasn’t sure what? Attached was a link which I got a friend to open as was a bit weary myself and there it was :

A video of a woman role playing a secretary sat on a sofa clothed and rubbing her tits! That’s as far as my friend got but we can imagine the rest 😱



2 thoughts on “My Glasses….

  1. TheMumblr says:

    I think I can help a bit. ASMR is a strange tingling sensation in your scalp, and can extend further down your body if the ‘trigger’ is right. Those triggers being certain sounds or movements like paper shredding for example, which sounds like it might be a trigger for this guy. Foreign accents are one of mine. It’s actually not something that is sexual for many people despite the video this guy posted, 😂

    There’s an ever growing community of ASMR YouTubers. Maybe you’d be good at it 😅


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