Day 2 continued..

Here I was still trawling through my messages, managed to get rid of the young one but it took quite a bit of stern chat in the end. So continuing on I am still amazed at how many people are on here, all ages! I had set my search criteria age appropriate but that doesn’t stop any ages contacting me, I was getting messages from ages 18 to 60 + year olds, and some of the pictures were very dodgy indeed but this didn’t put me off, after all my friend that told me about this was boasting success. 

Then I got a message from someone I knew!! OH NO, this is awkward I thought 🤔. What do I do, shall I ignore it as the thought of people knowing I was on a dating site was making me cringe a little if honest. But if I ignore him he is going to think I am rude, I could feel myself getting all nervous about this but I had to do something.  So I said hi how are you, what you been up to etc etc and then I had to explain why I was single etc etc, great I thought that’s that, I’ve said hello I can now move on. But no, he then asks if I want to hook up sometime…hook up, what does he mean or am I reading too much into this? Now here I am again wondering what the hell to reply! 

The thing about this is he is a friend of my ex partners so in my mind I think this is totally against the rules, but looking back nothing is against the rules of online dating. In fact there are no rules, maybe someone should invent them? 

In my mind I was dead against this situation, plus I thought he was a bit of an idiot anyway, what I would call a lethario thinking he’s gods gift to women. Ok I am going to tell him straight outright I don’t think its appropriate under the circumstances. 

In my naive head I thought that would be it, but no he came back with this long story about how he was lonely and fed up of sleeping with loads of women and just wants someone to talk to. I could feel my eyes rolling as I was reading it! What a load of BS I thought, will they say anything to get you into bed??? Obviously if I was brave enough I would have said that but I just ignored him in the end, took the cowardly way out and hoped for the best. 

It then progressed to get worse, he was now taking the approach that he was doing me a favour, you must be lonely at night he said and I could spoon you and I promise no funny business, our secret! 

What man in there right minds wants to jump into bed with a single girl and just cuddle, I may be naive but I am not stupid! The worst thing is that I know I am going to see him out and about and now this is bloody awkward. I said no AGAIN but he kept coming back which was starting to get annoying if honest.

Why can’t no be no? If a guy said no to me I wouldn’t make an idiot of myself trying to change his mind.

Would you?


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