Day 2

Here I was it was 9 pm and I was in my pyjamas ready to leap back only my laptop to continue what I started last night. After reading a few messages that seemed inappropriate I decided to be more open minded tonight and weed out the good ones?

So up it comes and I seem to have a lot of messages and it keeps pinging every 30 seconds with those meet up notifications. I decided I’d go from top to bottom of the list and delete or chat. Message 1 – Hi Redlady, do you like younger men as I love older women and those glasses are really doing it for me, you look like a sexy school teacher! 

Ok I though, well I’ll look at his profile and see what he looks like… On first viewing he looked quite nice although flicking through his pictures which were mostly semi naked,  he seemed to be VERY young, barely a hair on his chest and in his write up he stated he only wanted to be someone’s toy boy but was willing to travel! Oh I couldn’t stop laughing, the willing to travel part was almost like saying hey I am doing you a favour as I will come to you.. he was 20! This was not really what I was looking for so I replied politely and said sorry no, to young but thank you. 

Ping – message straight back ” you don’t know what’s you’re missing babe, I’ll treat you like a princess and please you till you are begging for more, let me show you? ” 

Seriously I thought, surely not the first message I read and this. Why are 20 year olds even on dating sites, surely they are meeting girls out? I really didn’t get it but I’ll reply again and say it’s a straight no to which I did.

Ping – oh here he is again I thought. “Oh your just scared because you know once I get you naked and rub my body up and down yours you won’t be able to say no”


What is happening here…


2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. sex line stories says:

    Young guys love older women. I always have the same role play with them.husbands away I need help. They offer. I seduce them. Teach them a few things blah blah blah yawn lol……in real life I couldn’t think of anything worse


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