You have mail…

This is where it started.. one hour after opening my online dating account in my quest for a date I was inundated with messages, and also some feature that was called meet up:

Bigboyforyou wants to meet you

Lookingforlove wants to meet you

Takemenow wants to meet you

And so on…. strange username Bigboyforyou… anyway let’s skim past that for now I thought..

Moving onto the messages I felt quite excited, it was a strange new concept but I thought, hey let’s just have a look, nothing to lose after all.

There were several messages with one word “HI” not very adventurous but let’s not be harsh here, maybe he is shy . Let’s check out his profile – OMG this guy is not shy!  In his write up he states looking for fun adventurous girl up for kinky sex, preferably with big tits and a willingness to partake in group sex.. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES! What is going on here I thought!

I need to refer back to my original post here to explain that I had been in a relationship for 15 years, what has happened in the dating world since then.. well I was about to find out.


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