Here goes nothing!

I only had a laptop to do anything technical back then, I think my phone was a Nokia, certainly no internet on it.

On the first page I was prompted to set up a username…this was tricky in itself but thinking of what I liked I chose “Redlady24”, you are probably already thinking bad choice but my mind wasn’t yet in the dating game!

Then I had to fill in a few basic boxes, gender, height, hair colour, profession, children, body type, date of birth and city.  Next was a headline i.e “Looking for love” and again I chose something relaxed like “Looking to date”.  Lastly was a description of myself… again I chose words that describe myself, bubbly, friendly, outgoing girl,  enjoys nights out and having fun, live music, movies, girls nights. Pretty standard stuff really as I didn’t want to put too much blurb out there as after all I was only being nosy.

Next there was a drop down menu – what am I looking for:

Looking for dating


Looking for marriage

Not looking for a commitment of any kind

Actively seeking a relationship

Lastly I needed to put an age range and a distance for my search.

One last button – SEARCH!

Tick tock tick tock


Question.. What do you put on your profile to attract a certain type – have you mastered the art of this, if so I’d LOVE to hear… please drop a comment below.






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