Time to start over?

So after my few attempts to find what I would call normal guy meets normal girl has drastically failed but it’s really early days and I will not be defeated yet!

I sat and thought about what it was I was looking for.. I’d not long been out of a long term relationship and I have a young child that I want to keep totally private from my personal life so for now I think the odd date and sometimes someone to cosy up with is fine for now.

Back to my mission…

Ok, here I was looking through my messages and then looking through the pictures. Now I know my pictures are me but I really am starting to question wether these guys photos are genuine.

I replied to a few messages and thought I’d stay open minded for now, and I now starting to chat with someone that lives about 20 miles from me which is fine, at least there’s no chance of him turning up at my office and his chat seems genuine. Only one stumbling block so far..he doesn’t drive. His pictures are not very clear but he seems nice. He works in a cosmetics factory mixing products. 1 child but doesn’t see very often and he also looks after special needs young adults in his spare time.. all in all seems a nice guy….

Let’s ditch the next one..

Now to get rid of the next one that clearly is another guy that just messes about and wants me to live out his school teacher fantasy all because I wear glasses!

This is going to be a quick text as I’ve not met him and he’s probably the biggest player Wales have ever seen so I doubt he will even worry about it!

Here goes: Hi Dave just to let you know I am not really thinking this is going anywhere so I wish you luck with your course and everything else. S x


4 hours pass and just as I am getting into bed I get a series of texts from him:

Oh babe I really think your making a mistake here. Let me show you why…

And then here come a series of photos, ones that look like he is in some casting for 50 shades of grey! Pictures of him in nothing but a tie, ones of his flexing his torso and so on. I think you can imagine the rest!

I did have to hand it to the guy, he did look very nice and sexy but this could go on for months and I just don’t have the effort so I’ll just keep them and move on.

Now for the gay couple.

Here goes the first one.. 

So after date guy came down to my office to totally insult me I am now going to tell him I don’t want to see him again. I’ve briefed my work colleagues in case he decides to rock up again at the office. I decided to tell him over the phone even though I wanted to cowardly do it on the dating app I just thought better to just say it.

It went like this… 

Me: Hi, I think it’s best we don’t see each other again… 

Him: why?

Me: I just feel that you want too much from me, pushing me to see you and coming to my office to which I’d asked you not to. Also I felt you were rude to me about the conquest calendar! 

Him: Well I think you’re being stupid.. I also am annoyed that you continued using the dating site whilst we were chatting. I was ready to delete mine but you clearly want to sleep your way through all the guys on there..

Me: again another assumption and I  now sensing you’re actually a bit of a moody guy, which also makes me feel uncomfortable!

Him: Well actually Sharon I was going to end it anyway as I think I deserve better so I don’t care and have another date lined up tonight. So bye.

I can’t believe him! He was rude and pushy yet it’s my fault?! I didn’t come off the dating site purely because we weren’t in a relationship and HE WAS STILL ON IT. What’s the difference here?!

Anyway it’s done and was quite easy so that’s one down! No onto Dave.. 

2 guys, 1 girl and the ultimate in giggles

So… finally I got to the bottom of what exactly the guys from the cosy cottage wanted with me… part of me knew already but I had to see it with my own eyes…

So a quick recap:


Dear red24, thank you for replying as we rarely get replies so surely you must be a little bit curious, even though you said no. With that said I’d like to tempt you further I’d like to propose the following :

I can arrange a car to collect you saving you the trouble of driving and you could have some champagne on route?

When you arrive we will have a candle lit bath waiting for you with some more champagne and nibbles

We will lay out some new bath towels and a robe in your own bedroom like we said

There you can get dressed in whatever you prefer, a dress would be lovely though 😉 whilst we prepare a lovely cooked meal for you in our homely kitchen

To which I replied that it all sounds appealing but what comes next?


Evening red24, thank you for replying again, my partner are getting more excited about the possibility of meeting with you for a weekend of pure pleasure for all parties.

As we said before, to fully appreciate the beauty of where we live we would like to send you some pictures of where you would be spending your time, where possible this could be done via email?

When you are relaxed and we’ve all had a marvellous dinner with intelligent conversation with lots of flirting we will then move on to the fun part.

I just couldn’t read on I was too nervous!

These were 2 guys in their 50s/60s that were wanting to live out fantasies with me! Did they even know I was just a normal girl that spent most of my time working and doing housework, however, I did read on…..

Man down..!

Time to weed out… 

So after that disaster conversation mainly on his part I need to delete date guy. Did he really say those things after 2 dates?! 

However, me being a bit of a worrier am starting to wonder how to execute this, as he now knows where I live and now where my office is too which is bloody annoying!

Also I think Dishy/dirty Dave can get binned too as he only  wants me to act out like a dirty secretary in a hotel which he probably expects me to pay for as he live with his parents!!

Also the 2 guys from the forest have replied with their list of requirements (to follow)

I am seriously starting to wonder about all this online dating lark and it’s only been 3 weeks! 

So which one first and how do I tell them?!

Date guy..

Date guy is becoming quite pushy.. I don’t like pushy so here’s what was happening! 

He had now decided he finds it unacceptable I am still visible on my profile but we’ve only had one date?? He is also still banging on about the fact I won’t tell him where I work 🙄 and what happened next is the reason I didn’t tell him! 

I was happily sat in my office one day just cracking on with work then bam he appears!!! Now I worked in a large place that I could have easily remained private but he’s been doing his research!!!

So here he is in the doorway of my office.. in he comes and we engage in chit chat.. after all I couldn’t be rude, but I did ask how he found me to which he replied ” oh I was just down this way and I heard you ” hmmm I don’t think so!!! 

Then here comes the best bit. Behind my desk was a wall planner, you know the type where you can place magnets over certain dates for different plans, holidays, courses etc. 

So I have to ask you, is that planner on your wall your dating planner or your conquest planner of all the guys you’re chatting to or have slept with this year? 

I was flabbergasted, did he actually just say that?! Yes he did. Talk about rude. I’ve been on one date with this man and just because I haven’t been throwing myself at him obviously in his mind I am at it with all these other men or so he’s thinking. 


I couldn’t think of a witty answer which was also annoying! 

I can’t be doing with this I thought to myself. I’ll be polite then delete delete delete. Couldn’t believe the cheek of him!