Man down..!

Time to weed out… 

So after that disaster conversation mainly on his part I need to delete date guy. Did he really say those things after 2 dates?! 

However, me being a bit of a worrier am starting to wonder how to execute this, as he now knows where I live and now where my office is too which is bloody annoying!

Also I think Dishy/dirty Dave can get binned too as he only  wants me to act out like a dirty secretary in a hotel which he probably expects me to pay for as he live with his parents!!

Also the 2 guys from the forest have replied with their list of requirements (to follow)

I am seriously starting to wonder about all this online dating lark and it’s only been 3 weeks! 

So which one first and how do I tell them?!


Date guy..

Date guy is becoming quite pushy.. I don’t like pushy so here’s what was happening! 

He had now decided he finds it unacceptable I am still visible on my profile but we’ve only had one date?? He is also still banging on about the fact I won’t tell him where I work 🙄 and what happened next is the reason I didn’t tell him! 

I was happily sat in my office one day just cracking on with work then bam he appears!!! Now I worked in a large place that I could have easily remained private but he’s been doing his research!!!

So here he is in the doorway of my office.. in he comes and we engage in chit chat.. after all I couldn’t be rude, but I did ask how he found me to which he replied ” oh I was just down this way and I heard you ” hmmm I don’t think so!!! 

Then here comes the best bit. Behind my desk was a wall planner, you know the type where you can place magnets over certain dates for different plans, holidays, courses etc. 

So I have to ask you, is that planner on your wall your dating planner or your conquest planner of all the guys you’re chatting to or have slept with this year? 

I was flabbergasted, did he actually just say that?! Yes he did. Talk about rude. I’ve been on one date with this man and just because I haven’t been throwing myself at him obviously in his mind I am at it with all these other men or so he’s thinking. 


I couldn’t think of a witty answer which was also annoying! 

I can’t be doing with this I thought to myself. I’ll be polite then delete delete delete. Couldn’t believe the cheek of him! 

Dirty Dave!

Dave is still floating around in the background but I have to say he’s starting to annoy me a little. He wants to webcam and it has to be times his parents are out which is just ridiculous in itself! Also the constant “dick pics” he sends are getting BORING!

I still to this day 7 years on do not understand why men think it’s exciting for us women to get these pics. I would so rather get a picture of a new bag, shoes or lipstick… am I right girls..??

Anyway, I thought I’d bring up the whole meeting situation, after all it’s starting to seem pointless and I may as well meet him, he is super HOT after all! 

Me : Hey Dave, how do you fancy meeting up soon? X

Him: Hey sexy, I’ve been thinking this very same thing lately and I was thinking this….

Because of the distance I was thinking of a hotel in maybe Bristol. And I also thought what we could do is pretend we are there for a business meeting. I’d really like you to dress like a sexy secretary as you’d defo pull that off with your glasses. I was thinking you could wear a pencil skirt, tight white blouse with some cleavage showing, stockings, heels, red lipstick and hair up. 

What do you think? 

Really!!!!! He’s obviously given this more thought than I’d realised. I didn’t  know what to think really.. 🤔

The three way continued…

So a recap from last message….

Dear red24, thank you for replying as we rarely get replies so surely you must be a little bit curious, even though you said no. With that said I’d like to tempt you further I’d like to propose the following : 

I can arrange a car to collect you saving you the trouble of driving and you could have some champagne on route

When you arrive we will have a candle lit bath waiting for you with some more champagne and nibbles 

We will lay out some new bath towels and a robe in your own bedroom like we said
There you can get dressed in whatever you prefer, a dress would be lovely though 😉 whilst we prepare a lovely cooked meal for you in our homely kitchen 

So here I was wanting to be polite as after all it wasn’t anything horrid they were asking me to do it just wasn’t my thing.  And actually, if it was someone I’d been dating for a while, what they were proposing was actually rather nice! Someone pick me up, run me a bath with champagne, nice bedroom, cooked dinner and drinks… very nice! However I don’t think that’s all they want but I am curious as to what they actually want.. 

So my reply.. 

Hey thanks for your message and what you are offering does sound very appealing but in all honesty what happens next after all the lovely dinner and drinks…

The next morning

So last nights date… how was I feeling about it today..? How did the evening end I hear you ask…

This morning I sit here in my lounge contemplating wether last night was as good as it seemed.. we had a good night albeit a little put out of by his pushiness at times and I can feel it becoming an issue about us both still being active on the internet dating site..not by me I’d like to add. I am actually quite chilled about this as after all, we are not in a relationship it’s only been 2 dates.

In comes a text ” hey you, had a great time last night, shall we do something this afternoon?” 

For anyone that knows me well knows that this is way too much for me, I like my space and I don’t want to go out with him again today but I am sensing if I say no he’s going to get shitty. On the other hand, I am not going to go just to please him. Also I don’t lie either so I am going straight in with my reply! 

” hi, thanks for a fun night but I think I am going to stay home and get a few things done, have a good day, S x”

What do you think he replied..??

Can I come back to your place…?

Date guy continued… as you may recall after our meal and drinks he asked to come back to my place…. did I say yes..?

I DID!!! Now not sure I would have been so relaxed about this had I not consumed a fair amount of red wine, but I liked him, he seemed nice and I felt safe so I though why not.

So here we were at my house… do I make coffee..? Do I pour wine…? What do I do I couldn’t get my brain into functioning as all that was going around in my thoughts was OMG DO I DONT I.. 

I’d not been in this situation for so long I felt like a teenager all over again, nerves, excitement and fear of making a bad judgement call.. 

I decided to not stress and see what happens…